Blogging Tools-Box #01

As a blogger you need many tools. The best way to find them is by surfing. Most of us dont have time to do that. I am particularly lucky, as I get to know of the new tools through many social sites I am a part of.

So, I decided that it would be too selfish to keep these to myself. I would update you with the new finds possibly each week. Here are some of the tools:

Blogging Tools-Box #01

Make your site user friendly with great tools and quality articles. This is one of the best articles I found: 5-Second Tests: Measuring Your Site's Content Pages

  • Avoid Grammatical Errors
If you want to make it big, you must improve the way you write. We all keep learning grammar all our lives, still noone is perfect. Here are 10 flagrant grammar mistakes that make you look stupid

Here is a sample button which you can make using this quick and easy GIMP tutorial.
If you have launched a new website or a blog, you must be looking forward to customizing your webspace. For this, a basic knowledge of HTML tags is a must. This site also provides a quick taglist of all the HTML tags you will ever need.

  • Talkr- allows you to listen to text-only blogs on your iPod.
They give you a free podcast of your blog. With the audio blogs on a high, you may want to consider providing an audio feed of your blog. Just a few clicks on a user friendly, intutive site is all you need.