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This blog has many dimensions and to provide users an opportunity to subscribe by feeds to a particular categories, I was looking for feeds for my labels. After a bit of googling I found this article. It is precisely what you need if you want separate feeds for your labels on Blogger. This feature wasn't present in the old blogger but now its pretty simple to use.
Just go to any feedburner and use the URL below:

Just change the things in Block letters.
YOURBLOG is your blog name and the label is the label you wish to burn the feed for.


Indeed a Simple, quick and easy feed for you labels :).


RSS Tools for your blog

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With News/Rss/Atom Aggregators people go through hundreds of feed in a day. Your feed needs to stand out to be read. I review the essential feed tools to make your feeds stand out

All blogs today have more feed subscriptions than site visitors. I will break up this Rss-tools mini series in three posts. First part is for the new feed users. The other parts are for a little advanced use but are pretty simple themselves.
If you are really new to feeds, go to this page to know what an RSS/Atom feed actually is. Here are the topics I will cover in this mini series:

  • Publishing/buring your RSS (or any other feed)
  • Validate your RSS
  • Feed Readers
  • Generating data for your blog/site from RSS
  • Converting feeds
  • Merging two or more RSS
Now then, I will start the first part for beginners to feeds. This will cover the first two points.

(1) Publishing/burning your RSS

FeedBurner is the tool you are looking for. All the features to set up, publicize, monetize and optimize your RSS are pretty siple to use and are complete. The essential features include an option for your readers to subscribe to your blog through email, standardizing your feed and making your feed pretty. Their is an option to add advertisements to your feeds too. The issues you might have about giving your feed to other sites are discussed by Darren full in this article "Are you letting Feedburner hold you hostage?."

(2) Validate your feed

Sometimes you might face problems using your feed with certain sites. Here are a couple of online free tools to tell you your feed type (RSS or Atom, which version?) and they even tell you whats wrong with your feed if their is a problem.
I will cover the next two points in the next feed.
Disclaimer-I myself am pretty new to feeds. I believe I can learn something from you about feeds. Feel free to comment on the tools and add a few if you like.
Look at the Blogger Tips-Hacks-Resources Basket for more tips


Live-e-Basket Introduction

I have recently set up my blog. As you might have noticed I have applied a lot of hacks which I found on the net. The tips and hacks have been very well explained by many people. One thing I found missing was a documentation of these things. As a result, I had to spend a lot of time searching for what I wanted.

Don't worry, I have decided to document all the articles I found useful in this basket. The list of acknowledgments can be seen at the bottom of this page. This basket ( in next post) will be Live like other baskets on this blog, which means it will be updated daily. So, make sure you check back to keep your blog fresh.

To view my views and explanations on some of these scroll down in this section (provided you came through by clicking the tabs as suggested).

?? Can't see the basket :( Go Here

(These are the best resources, updated regularly...
-Known Issues For the New Bloggers
-Blogger Tips and Tricks
-Hoctro's Place



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