Break The line project

We have been taught to stand in line, but that was to discipline us. Unfortunately, that's what most of the bloggers are doing. They walk in a line like a pack of ants and are afraid to think out of the box or get out of the line. Especially, people starting their new blogs or sites are afraid of writing original posts ( some don't have them). They just copy content or at best, modify it in their own language. This makes the concept of blogging useless.
The "Break The Line" Project is an attempt to rectify this serious problem. The resource post (101 ways to create your original posts) will be created by everyone here and will benefit everybody. It will provide ways which can be used by people to come up with original blog posts. You can contribute to this project and gain form it while helping others.
Here are the details:

To create a "101 ways to create your original posts" resource with everybody's (including me and you) help.

That's the beautiful part. All you have to do is drop a comment here stating the way you think can be helpful for generating original ideas. Look at some collected ideas: 101 ways to create your original posts. I and the active readers will discuss and add the suitable ways into the resource post.
Here is what an accepted comment will look like:

101 ways to create your original posts:

  1. Way One - Submitted by Person1(Link to his blog)
  2. Way Two- Submitted by Person 2 (Link to Person 2's Blog)

You can also elaborate on the suggested idea at your own blog and link it back to the comment or the resource post ( if accepted).
Apart from the recognition in the Blogging community, you grow along with the project(HOW?), with the following benefits:
  1. Backlinks
  2. Technorati Rank
  3. Traffic Traffic Traffic
  4. New friends who can help you in Blogging
  5. Loyal Readers interested in your niche, since they were attracted from an idea you gave in the first place.
  6. Of Course, I will be giving you many backlinks through the Best-Blog-Basket.
Please, read How Do you Grow With The project? to get more and more of the above six things.
  1. Try not to post duplicate ways since it is most likely, it wont be added to the resource post.
  2. You can add many ways as you want, each giving you one link.
  3. Even if your comment is not selected, you will get a linkback from the post on "People supporting "Break The Line".
  4. After every 10 ways collected from the project, I will post them in a separate post, making it easier for navigation, giving you additional backlinks. You can do the same, interlinking is the best way to boost your Technorati Rank.
  • How can you support it?
  1. Spread the word. There isn't any chance that we can create 101 ways by ourselves, more the people participating, more popular you get.
  2. Here is an icon you can use. Feel free to modify or create your icons. Do inform us if you think your icon is better. :)

Keep Blogging!
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Hummie said...

Okay, I will give this a go! I wanted to think of something that would also interest my readers, so I am sharing with the rest of the blog realms how digital scrapbookers get traffic (and a blurb about how I feel I am original).

Hummie's World

ashok said...

To get an original, solid post quickly, post on a news item with a link to that item, but don't comment immediately saying "this is what the news said and this is what I think."

Instead, look for something else in the article that you think needs to be fleshed out in order for your readers to be more fully informed, and find an article related to that, or better yet, a more authoritative, expert source.

This sounds complicated, but truth be told, it can be as little as 10 minutes. You'll have informed your readers by performing a service as information aggregator, and you'll even be in a position to comment intelligently about the news you're paying attention to.

Daniel said...

Look at things from different perspectives and try to come up with something that no one is doing yet on your niche.

Basketer said...

@ Daniel. I think thats a good idea, but we need to elaborate on it a little. I know you are kept busy since I visit your blog daily and I know the work you put in, but come back sometime and lets discuss this a bit more.

Basketer said...

@ Ashok

Thanks a lot for taking the time to add your valuable comments. But I couldnt understand what they mean :(

I am a bit slow, I believe, did anybody else get it?

Daniel said...

Ok I will try to be more pragmatic now.

Often times more important than having answers is asking the right questions. If you are trying to come up with an original post here are some questions you could ask yourself, I am sure they will spark good ideas:

1. every one in my niche is writing about A, B and C. Why?
2. other blogs in my niche usually write posts in this or that format. what if I write something that is the complete opposite?
3. can I simplify or summarize things that others in my niche are writing?

Clangnuts said...

I haven't a clue what this is about, but I'm a complete hits tart - so I'll give it a go....

Basketer said...

Hi all

Thanks for your lovely contributions and great ideas. Please leave your comments on this post instead of here.
101 ways to create original posts

Anonymous said...

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