101 ways to create your original posts

This is the resource post for the Break The Line Project.

Here we go, 101 ways to create your original posts:

  1. Build up and improvise on existing posts: This is easier said than done. You don't need to come up with a post from scratch. That would be great if you can do it, but its practically impossible. You need to add value to what people have discovered. Example: Suppose , today somebody discovers magnets (assuming it hasn't been discovered before). The point is you have to use that magnet and improvise. So, one can help blind people find there keys with this magnet.Sounds better than a stray magnet . Just attach the magnet at the end of the cane for blind people (ignore practical constraints for now). Contributed by Basketer.
  2. Use Your Experience/ Life Stories: This is something which each and everybody of us is capable of. We have lived lives in different ways and have had strange and rare and unique experiences. Use Them, all the time. Whenever you read a piece of news, blog post or anything, try to think if you have experienced something related or analogous to it. If it is a software or a book, give a review after you use it. Again, the personal touch is very important. Some people have reservations sharing their personal lives but again, you are blogging and not writing a diary entry. Contributed by Basketer
  3. Be Yourself and Use your strengths: It seems to come easy for me. I have so many interests and hobbies and I just share what I enjoy.I just be myself. I do not try to be someone I am not --just to get traffic.
    I think about what things I am interested in and when I find new things of interest, I share them, whether it be on the topics of television, genealogy, or scrapbooking. Those who enjoy the same interests as me hopefully will return.
    I also enjoy writing my tutorials and teach others about digital scrapbooking. All of my tutorials are original. I try to find inspiration to share with my readers to utilize on their pages.
    Contributed by Hummie
  4. Streams of conciousness are often the most interesting reads:"Say you're listening to a song that has really moved you in some way.
    Don't be afraid to use that... there's nothing wrong with including lyrics to songs on your page (especially when properly credited)... but then, add more. Explain why you felt they should be included. Not everyone is going to view those words in the same way. Talk about how it relates to your life." The gest is to express what you are thinking, that might be a difficult thing to explain, but it is definitely an interesting read. Contributed by Ann.
  5. Ask questions to yourself:"Often times more important than having answers is asking the right questions. If you are trying to come up with an original post here are some questions you could ask yourself, I am sure they will spark good ideas:
    1. every one in my niche is writing about A, B and C. Why?
    2. other blogs in my niche usually write posts in this or that format. what if I write something that is the complete opposite?
    3. can I simplify or summarize things that others in my niche are writing?"Contributed by Daniel.

You can get your idea and link into this post. Participate in the project and help us get this resource together. Read the instructions and description here.
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Ann said...

Stop thinking about how to say things. Streams of conciousness are often the most interesting reads... even if what you are typing doesn't seem relevant to the rest of your post.

Ann said...

Say you're listening to a song that has really moved you in some way.

Don't be afraid to use that... there's nothing wrong with including lyrics to songs on your page (especially when properly credited)... but then, add more. Explain why you felt they should be included. Not everyone is going to view those words in the same way. Talk about how it relates to your life.

Basketer said...

Thats a very nice point Ann. I think it should be added to the main post. Kindly leave a link of your blog since I couldnt read your profile due to restrictions.

Anonymous said...

the next time you see anything that makes you actually think, share it. For example I've recently been asked by a friend whether i stand up to wipe after a number 2, interesting question as until now i had assumed EVERYONE sat down and leaned.. apparently not. what about you?

Marc Beharry said...


Blow off some steam with words...

not fists...

I am hoping I can follow my own advice.

Murtaza Baloch said...

Never run after anything. I being an Interior Design student have learned a lot to control my emotions and feelings. I always think that We should not force anything to take shape or work as we wish, sometimes we have to let go and see the transformation take shape by itself, as Life is Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

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