Six Things to Learn from "Kumiko"

Recently, while adding AdSense ads to my blog I ended up at a blog "Kumiko's Cash Quest". I couldn't decide why, but somehow it was a very striking blog and I couldn't leave the page. As I read more of it I wished to have a blog like her. I learnt a lot of things which I think are worth sharing:

  • Give a catchy and explanatory punch line:
"Three Figures Blogging....With Extra Pink"... That somehow is a perfect title for a girl writing about making money online. It tells you that she is aspiring to earn money online, which is why I was at her blog in the first place.
  • Make it Personal:
You must have read this a lot of times, but this point cant be stressed enough. There is a picture of her right on top. It feels like I am knocking on her door and she is there to welcome me. A weblog is after all a personal experience, shared with others.

  • Promote Yourself:
All of use love to be advertised, why not do it on our own blog first? She does that beautifully. In the above pic two things are noteworthy:
    1. The contest she is running is right below the header, again with a catchy phrase. Everybody wants to earn money.
    2. Her top posts are right on the top too. You want to show your strengths to your new visitors and not your weakness.
  • Flaunt the Figures:
As I told you, her blog is all about making money online. Another thing that catches your attention is the amount of money she makes, which is on the top of the page too. You think, if she makes money, she can definitely help me out. Although, all of us don't blog to make money, but most of us do; which is what she is banking on.
  • Create a theme for readers:
She has replaced the boring "comments" with "comments of love". With the pink color and girly pics and all, I believe it fits in a theme. On my blog the theme is Basket of Blogs, to apply this, for example, I might replace "bookmark this" with "Take the basket". Also, I could add images of basket with different blogs in it, I am still thinking after I visited her site.
The content is the king, it always boils down to this. She couldn't have been so famous if she wrote why her cat died, or why she was having a bad hair day. She knows what she is doing, she follows what she advises you to do. Her biggest strength is the number of links she has in the blogging community, Though the number of outgoing links are a few, the incoming links are numerous.
Hope she helps us grow along with her. With the page rank revision going on, I bet her site would have a PR of atleast 5 if not more. Right now, she is offering $30 to predict her PR correctly, go here and participate if you wish.

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